10 Absolutely Incredible DIYs for Your Shoe Closet



If you love shoes like I do, this is a must read for you! I tend to buy myself quite a lot of shoes and in the end, finding one place to keep my shoes becomes very difficult. My shoes end up lying around everywhere in the house and this I must say, is not exactly tidy. With these DIYs, you get to know how to keep your pairs of shoes in one place and at the same time, without using much floor space in a room. You will also be able to keep your shoes in an orderly and tidy way, making it easier on yourself to get access to the shoes.



1.Multi Layered Shelf Closet


This is such a brilliant way of keeping shoes in place. Because of the many shelves, you will be able to keep quite a large number of shoes in this closet. Lining your shoes on the floor would consume a lot of space, but with this DIY, you get to use less floor space, and still keep a lot of shoes. You can determine the size of the closet to be as you please, whether you want the closet to be a bit short, or all the way up to the ceiling.

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