10 Interesting Facts About Tiffany Trump


[tps_header]The Trump family has never been shy about the spotlight, and as the family’s patriarch careens toward the GOP nomination, Americans have been treated to more access than ever before. You probably know all about half-sister Ivanka (when she’s not not making real estate deals, helming a lifestyle brand, or campaigning for her dad, she’s raising three kids and cooking shabbat dinner); and brothers Don Jr. and Eric, who also work for the family business. Then there’s little Barron. As a minor, he’s often spared the limelight, but he was recently spotted celebrating his 10th birthday with the family. However, 22-year-old Tiffany remains something of an enigma. Here’s what you need to know:


[tps_title]10 Interesting Facts About Tiffany Trump[/tps_title]

10 Interesting Facts About Tiffany Trump

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