11 Creative Outdoor Projects Which You Can Do Yourself



I know most people put more effort in decorating in their houses inside than outside. Yes, it is totally right because we spend more time indoors. I remember I used to be that way too. The little money that came my way, I would want first to change the look in the inside then plan for outside next time. Funny thing is next time never arrived because I was still unsatisfied with the perfections inside.

All changed when it was my daughter’s one year old birthday. My husband and I wanted it to be outdoors because we had many friends coming over. The magic we did with our open space brought us river of compliments. From that day I learned, warm gestures begin from how clean, organized and creative your house surrounding is. Creating an inviting outdoor space is fun. If you’re interested, please stay with me as I share some simple and cool garden projects with you.



Amazing DIY Bottle Lanterns


Of course, you’ll need light if you are planning on having an outdoor event. This bottle lanterns are simple to make and yet unique. It requires any beautiful empty bottle, some gas and old cloth that will burn the flames and bring life to your home.

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