12 Wonderful DIYs for Classy Wooden Shelves



About everyone has a shelf in their home. Whether it’s in the kitchen, bathroom, sitting room, bedroom, or any other room in your home. The chances that you have shelves in your home are quite high. So, since you are likely to have shelves, why not try something a little different for those shelves? Here are 12 incredible ideas for those shelves in your home. Your shelves do not have to be boring and ordinary, have some fun with them and create absolutely amazing wooden shelves which are unique and very classy.



1. Hanging Shelf


This shelf is the definition of unique and classy. It is not every day you see a hanging shelf. For this DIY, you can choose to use a piece of wood that is of any shape. You have to make sure that the wooden surface is firmly attached to the ropes that you will need and use to hand to a hook on the ceiling. Just as well, the objects you place on the shelf should not be too heavy for the shelf itself. You can decide to hang the shelf near a window, and on it, place some plants and flowers. Just to bring some nature into your home.

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