14 DIY Ideas for Candle Holder


[tps_header]Redecorating your house with family is perhaps one mainly playful and lovely things to do when the DIY season knocks. Aren’t you thinking of including candles in your decoration home ? Candles carry a beautiful way to set a cute feeling in your house and are awesome little statements to giving action to your home DIY. As a substitute of giving money them in the shops, why not modify your decoration with Do it yourself ? That’s why we give brought all together some creative, easy and inexpensive holiday candle projects.



Maple Leaf Manson Jar Luminary


This is a beautiful fall décor. The crisp, warm colors are so inviting. It doesn’t take time to make one. Start by sketching and cutting the maple leaf design on adhesive vinyl. Apply to the Manson jar and paint the jar in three coats with the color you want, let each of the 3 coats to dry completely then peel away the vinyl leaf and get rid of any uneven ends. Include some corn kernels at the base and put the votive candle in. Finalize with some twine or ribbon around the top of the jar.

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