22 Best DIY Greenhouses with Great Tutorials



I can day-dream about them all day long … greenhouses and cold frames! They are such effective structures to extend the season, allowing us to grow an abundant garden year round even in the cold winter!

Here are some of the BEST tutorials on how to build amazing DIY greenhouses , simple cold frames and cost-effective hoop houses.

You will discover that you can have a great productive greenhouse or cold frame even when you have little budget and little carpentry skills.

Every one of these greenhouses and cold frames contain lots of inspirations to learn from. You will find ingenious ideas such as passive heating elements of painted jugs, straw bale as building material that needs no tools, using tree branches, old bottles, windows, and even a trampoline!


[tps_title]Cut Bottle Mini Greenhouses[/tps_title]

The easiest 1-minute DIY greenhouse, yet surprisingly effective. Check out the 3 secrets to success here at A Piece Of Rainbow !

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