9 DIY Shed Plans that Will Spice Your Backyard


[tps_header]It is challenge to many people about not having enough space for storage in their houses. If it is also your challenge, do not leave this page without scrolling down to see few DIY shed plans that will sort your problem. You can now buy more things without being worried about accommodating all your stuff. Here are perfect sheds that will also make your backyard look on point. They are not as expensive as building a little brick house because wood will do it for you. Advantage of wood is it can be crafted in a way that you can move the shed from one point from another; there is no need to bury it in the ground.



1.The Pine Garden Hutch


If you do not need a big storage place, this will be okay for you. It is perfect for storing the planters, garden tools and flower pots. It has two doors and two sections; one for long tools and little cubbies for the pots and other little pesky items.

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