Affection of love


Human beings and animal species are born with an incredible need of affection, and an extreme need to give. This need comes from the bottom of our hearts, for we are created loving and giving. The living beings on this planet crave touch and affection like addicts. The affection of love is every heart’s true desire. There is hardly anything evoking more inspiration and gratitude than a tender companion.
But where is affection to be found? It actually is everywhere. There is affection in some romantic gestures hugging, giving Teddy Bears and other plush animals, reading Winnie the Pooh, in the cup of coffee someone serves you in the morning. Tenderness resides in smiling hearts made from cinnamon in your cup, the inscription “Every day I am grateful for you!” written on a magnet upon the fridge, smiles and kisses, and sighs with a person you never want to let go.

Demonstrate The Affection Of Love

How to demonstrate the affection of love and give the dear people the time of their life?
Gift bouquets of long-stem roses and boxes of chocolate, French champagne, strawberries and cream, and play your all time favorite romantic movie. Glue a “Hello Kitty” sticker on the notebook of your daughter. Show them you want to be beside them everywhere, and in any version of reality you would choose them. Give flowers, make out in the water, make pancakes and hot chocolate and serve it to your beloved in bed. Hold and kiss, and make it last for eternity. When you do things from the soul you feel a joyful river moving in your body. It’s in all the adventures you can have together – especially when you are scared. Imagine riding an air balloon and being afraid of heights until someone gently grabs you by the hand and suddenly you feel relieved and flying.
Affection of love in romance makes you feel like dancing in the rain. It makes you feel the stars will shine forever. Affection to yourself is necessary for your health. You need to accept your beautiful body with tenderness, so that it may serve you in the best possible ways. Be kind to yourself. Even when you feel you are not right, think that it’s the universe doing its wonderful workings through you, and all you need is to let go of guilt and relax about not being perfect.
An affectionate soul is gentle, confident and often sentimental. They don’t speak bad about themselves, or others, they never give up on their dreams, they stay away from drama and negativity. They are focused on you with all the affection of love.

Affection of love

Affection of love

Affectionate things to do are dancing, painting and generally indulging in the arts. With your hands soiled with clay and the tender movements of a master we create beautiful artefacts. The painter is in love with the brush and the canvas, he touches it with reverence and a picture is born from his affection.
People are very grateful when they are the object of somebody’s affection. Try a little gesture of love – like giving a personalized card on a holiday and see the tears of gratitude your family’s lovely eyes.
Tenderness is the result of adoration and provokes adoration. We adore cats even when they are incredibly fat, so why not treat humans this way? Try to treat everything with the affection of love: Tell every woman you meet that she is lovely and pretty, and mean it. Compliment your dearest people and see them glow. Accept people and be kind to them independently of whether they are tattooed and conservative, confident or shy, black or white, disabled or healthy, skinny or fat, they are all lovable. Give them these three things: affection, attention and appreciation and observe how they will be working to deserve them.
Tell them that they can have a tummy and still look yummy. Support them in everything they do. When you are sad – console others. Joy, devotion, concentration and affection are all rooted in love. Love is your default attitude to everything that surrounds you, the healthy perception of the entire world is rooted in love and acceptance. You accept people that are your kin, and people who are exactly the opposite, you are ready to whisper sweet remarks in your children’s eyes even after they have made you angry. Treating people in an awesome way is going to make you feel awesome as well. There can be affection in ever action: such as trying to teach somebody the basics of chess, and then letting them win every time. You can hold the hand of an old person who is afraid to cross the street. You can trust someone so deeply that you may fall asleep in their arms. You can let your cat lie on your head at night. Let your soul be full of the affection of love!

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