Afghan Hound


The Afghan Hound comes from the distant lands of Afghanistan and documents of its existence date back to more than 4,000 years B.C. For this, it’s considered one of the, if not the oldest of dog breeds in the world. It has been used as a guard dog for farms and houses, as a shepherd of livestock and as a watchdog for isolated areas. It’s strong built and have an elongated body that allows it to be fast, thus being a perfect hunter for various animals such as deer, goats and boars but also a fighter against assailants such as wolves and the native to the region of Afghanistan – Snow Leopards. The breed is first introduced to Great Britain in 1920 and six years later – to the United States.

Afghan Hound Breed Characteristics

There are various distinctive characteristics of the breed that make it unique and very attractive for both the casual owner and the professional breeder. One of these key features is the fur – it is long and covers the entire body of the animal; the coat is thicker on the top of its head. Although the original colours of the Afghan hound are gold and black, nowadays we witness a variety with the addition of brown, gray and even white shades. As they have been used to chase leopards, the Afghan hound has a specific hip-form with very high positioned bones, gene that has been preserved during the ages. Its elongated muzzle with a unique mask-like black marking on the face, the height of about 70cm and the foreign origin – they all make the Afghan hound a special dog.

Еlegant dog

Special as it may be, this canine has its own behavioural issues. When it comes to training, this otherwise happy and elegant dog is slow and needs time to become obedient. It’s very stubborn and independent; hence, the dog sometimes chooses to not pay attention to commands. Having become one of the most popular domestic dog breeds, the Afghan has lost some of its original sparkle. It is not that active as it used to be in the past and has become quite the lazy breed. However, they are very intelligent and calm, as noted, and are good company for any family.

The puppies are as many as seven in a litter and are born blind. Several weeks would be needed in order for the puppies to be able to show some independence. They originally come from Egypt and Afghanistan and have been used as a hunting assistant, being able to independently think and keep the pray occupied until the human arrives. However, this is in the past and now these dogs need caring and attention as much as any other would.