American Keuda

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The American Keuda is one of the newer cat breeds to be officially accepted and this acceptance is also not absolute. This is mainly for the reason that the felines that are represented by this title are mainly any cats that have managed to survive as barn animals for a long time. The very name of the breed is also an abbreviation of the very program that took place in several southern States and it means “Kitten Evaluation under Direct Assessment”.  Even with the official acceptance realised some deny the theory of a breed named Keuda and declare it unsatisfactory. The registration of the American Keuda is in progress since 2002.

Origin and characteristics

Technically speaking, the breed is recognised for its many resemblances to the Egyptian Mau cat as it is active, a good hunter and very flexible (it has the additional skin zones around its legs that allow a better spread of the limbs and faster running as well as turn faster). The muzzle of this feline is middle-sized and its ears are triangular, but not pointed – they have a rounded edge. The paws of the Keuda are rounded and fuller. Limbs and tail are all proportioned to the body, adding extra speed and ways to move to the animal. Its fur can come in practically any natural colour possible. They can be sold-coloured in gray, black, red and others or shaded with smoked, chinchilla, gold and silver as options. There are also tabby Keudas.

The Keuda is a very active and sporty cat. They are good hunters and can even keep larger animal at bay if they are stranger to the feline. This means that, due to their aggressive behaviour, they can keep children and smaller pets safe from even large dogs. They have been known to correspond well with other pets, after been introduced accordingly, of course. It is loyal and communicates well with humans and even wild animals. Its sturdy body is not suited for small spaced locations and is definitely not a good pet for people who prefer to have a calm evening with a glass of wine than to go and have a run at the local park.

Playful and energetic cat

Caring for an American Keuda is not hard. They are very playful and energetic, hence, while their short- to middle-haired coats wish for no special treatment, their surrounding needs to be prepared with a lot of ways to run, play and scratch, climb and push around. One main disadvantage of this breed is its very thin undercoat. Due to this, the Keuda cannot live in very cold climates and can get sick pretty easily. The good thing is that these animals’ intellect makes them one f the perfect cats to be trained for outside walks on a leash.

Although not exactly a cat breed due to its huge variety and mostly lack of concentrated specifications this sporty cat is starting to gain popularity around the United States. It is the result of a 10-year-long battle from scientists and supporters of the breed in its native land.


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