Balinese Cat


Similar and with a related background to the Siamese, the Balinese cat is a luxurious and elegant feline with a mind of its own and a rather questionable behavior. In fact, even more than its outside appearance, this breed is alike its cousin precisely because of their characters.

Balinese Cat facts

On the outside, this cat seems a lot like the Egyptian nobles from a long, long time ago. Its triangular head, supported in form by the large and pointy ears, and the oriental form of its eyes are what makes this breed so similar to the ancient felines and the Siamese. What makes it different, though, is its uniqueness mostly related to the semi-longhair coat which softens the shape of the cat and makes it gentler not only to the touch but also to the eye. Its body is also more elegant than the one of the Siamese. Elongated and very muscular, it contrasts well with the long and rather slender legs, but both of them work for its flexibility and ability to move fat and with agility. The Balinese cat’s tail is long and soft, covered in long and fluffy fur.

Balinese Cat origin

The Balinese cat is often, and not without a reason, called a longhaired Siamese. This, however, is not a real classification. In fact, although there was a longhaired Siamese cat since 1928, the Balinese breed was registered 22 years later – in 1950. This means that this feline is very new to the world of felinology. The registration came after several US breeders finally decided that selling the fluffier Siamese individuals as a pet class (much cheaper) was not a good business decision. One of them was Helen Smith and she is the one who named the breed. The title came as a reference to the swift motion that the tail of the cats makes when they walk – reminding her of the Balinese dancers.

Taking care of the great coat, however, is a task that scares away many potential owners who think that it is a dreadful experience as is caring for a Persian for example. Actually, the fur of the Balinese is nowhere near the Persian’s. It has no downy undercoat and does not shed as much. The hairs have sturdy roots and it can take a long time for them to tangle and get dirty to an excess. The only necessary grooming habit that an owner has to have is doing an occasional combing of the pet. To keep the fur healthy and as glossy as possible, the feline needs a good diet including a lot of raw chicken wings and other raw meats. This regime will also keep the body of the cat as muscular and agile as it should be. Keep in mind, however, that this breed should never be fat as it may lead to serious health issues.

At the end of the day, what matters is the behaviour of the cat and the Balinese is a perfect companion for almost everyone! The breed is characterised with a lot of meowing, they respond to human speech with actions and meows and are able to find activities for themselves, without asking for any attention of the busy human that is sleeping in the room. They do love, however, to ‘help’ their owners when they work. This includes biting and scratching on the brooms while the owner is using them to clean and jumping on the kitchen table while their human is preparing the meals.

Living with a Balinese cat is always an adventure, you can count on this!