Bathroom Fashion at Its Best


The time for having a small bathroom that is a space to hate and be terrified of daily is gone. In the past people were showering without a curtain or a glass shield, turning the whole bathroom into a crazy space filled with misty air and sometimes even the hallway outside as well was covered in fog from the heated water inside. These times are long past, but if you haven’t remodeled your bathroom since the time you got yourself a shower enclosure, brace yourself – there are numerous new ways to change the looks of your room!

A showroom alone – that is the new bathroom style; and a personal showroom must have several elements that are show-offs of their own.

The sink is one of these items that are just a must when it comes to a good bathroom design. As there are almost definitely introduced to the masses by the use of restaurant and other public restrooms, the sinks of today are as diverse as the flora in the Amazon. From electronic faucets to the classic vessel faucets that sit atop a cupboard or a table. Multiple design and styling possibilities are available at the moment and they are not limited to colour and material. Some even have living fishes underneath their sinks!

More freedom

The bigger bathroom is preferred lately. This allows more freedom for everyone at the house including the chance to bathe and have someone else brush teeth at the same time or even shower at the same time! The latter is possible through the so-called shower-for-two designs. For the more egocentric ones or the more normal ones for some, there are the double-head showers that provide the only body underneath the shower with the vastest possible water cover.

Massages, foam therapy, aroma therapy, various colorings in either the water or the foam (or both) are also available with many newer models.

If you are not able to tear down walls and broaden your space by doing it, it might be a good idea just to remove all cupboards and stands, all additional furniture that is located inside your bathroom. Just get rid of everything and seek out someone who can give you more choices for a limited amount of space. Nonetheless, do not forget what you want and never trust blindly the advice from your chosen designer. It is important to know what you want and follow your wishes.