Designing a Bedroom Fit for a Master


The master bedroom is the largest bedroom in the house, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that it is big. It is, for most people, in fact just a place where they lay down after a tiring and stressful day filled with arguments and work; it is a place that does not matter at all. In fact, a large number of the world population prefers to put old and used furniture inside of their bedroom turning it into a basement or an attic rather than the closest place to their hearts. Having a bedroom fit for the master of the house is what everybody needs and this is not a joke.

Whenever someone lies down and prepares to sleep, they feel the psychological need to be distracted from the negative and be reminded of the positive. Having a room that is beautiful according to one’s own tastes and standards is a must when it comes to falling asleep and waking up a better man or a woman.

Bed inside of the walls

From the time of the very creation of the bedroom, it is characterized by the bed inside of the walls. Many countries have specific cultural and historical, also habitual preferences. In Japan, for example, a futon is used to sleep on – it is harder than the usual fluffy beds that Europeans are used to and much lower than the common American one. The bed is where we spend, according to vastly proclaimed statistics, a whole third of our lives! Thus, being the master of a house, even if it is a rented one, we need to make ourselves feel like such. Having the right bed is a key element to being the right person.  There are many crucial items that are needed for a good master bed, because it is not just a bed to lie on and nap during the night, but a piece of furniture that will mark your entire day and dreams. The headboard is a definite element of this special type of beds. It needs to be massive and can be either metal, wooden or covered with fabric – the materials depend on the mood and character of the house’s master.


While the bed itself is the definite centre of attention, there are many other useful items of furniture that put a valuable accent on the room and its owner. Nightstands are a needed accessory for a good master bed. There must be two and they must be a decoration to the general expression of the room. It does not really matter if they are a pair or if they are coming along with the bed – the most important part about them is that the owner likes how they look and they fit his own style. It is also advisable to have movable reading lamps on top of either one of these two stands.


In the bedroom of the ordinary person this is a newly introduced element, but in reality this is one of the most noticeable spaces in any master bedroom of the past be it a queen’s or a writer’s. It is the sitting area. This is a place with a small table, an armchair or any other sitting furniture that brings calmness and makes everything from the workday go away. It needs to be comfortable and relaxing ad must not have anything to do with a desk or other working areas.


The final touch for a really masterfully built experience while in bed is to have the perfect shades, curtains or blinds that will allow just enough light to get in and out of the house. Of course, being awaken by sunlight in the morning is a really pleasant idea, but what about suffering from insomnia because the streetlights are right in front of the bedroom window and there is nothing thick enough to stop them from coming in?

Having full control over your master bedroom will make anyone a perfect master not only of a great space, but also over the stress the usually piles up and even of the possible social life that is influenced a bit too much by our lack of energy.