Bengal Cat


A lot of the current-day cat breeds are not even close to what their predecessors looked and acted like. Some, however, have been preserved exactly for their similarities with the wild cats such as the cheetah, the lynx and the cougars. One of these wild-looking cats is the Bengal and it can take any cat lover’s breath away with elegance, agility and class.

Bengal cat personality

The Bengal cat breed is characterised with its large, elongated body and a head that is not large at all. This rather unusual look represents its main relation to the Asian Leopard wildcat, from which the Bengal originates. The ears of these Bengal cats are large and never floppy. They are positioned on the sides of the head and are pointing upward. The tail is long.

Looking like a wildcat is a warning to the future owners – these felines do act like ones especially when compared to the most preferred breeds nowadays that are mostly focused on being laidback and not asking for too much attention (like the Persian and the British shorthair). The mainstream cats are so calm and docile that behavior has become one of the key elements when t comes to choosing a dog or a cat. Well, Bengal cats are more active and playful than many dogs and can bring about as much fun as a canine, but with the elegance and flexibility, with the class of a feline. They are always at the center of attention and included in the fun and games. If they’re not – they will invite themselves.

Bengal cat character

Another similarity that Bengal cat breed has to the dog is its affection towards its owner. It craves the attention of a specific person and doesn’t stand to be ignored by him or her in any way. The character of these individuals is also the main reason for eventual mischievous acts. Playful and active as they are, the Bengal cats do climb a lot and jump quite high when they want to (and this is quite often).  Love for water and playing with it – this is another one of the oddities of this breed. Obviously, they have inherited much more from their ancestors than the other current-day breeds.

Bengal cat varieties

The fur of the cats that fall into this breed needs to have a wild-like pattern that looks like the Asian leopard’s coat. Lacking a specific order and/or having blurred spots is one of the main signs of a Bengal that is not really Bengal. The possible colours of the fur are numerous and rare varieties are appearing from time to time.

Thus, the shade cannot be considered a breed-specific characteristic. This said, it is necessary to keep in mind that there are some basics that you should keep in mind when seeking for a healthy, stable and a true representative of the breed – the base colour is lighter than the spots and it is mainly silver, brown or sorrel.