Birman Cat


The Birman cat breed is a colourpoint. This means that it is characterised by its appearance. The nose, ears, legs and tail are coloured while its body is dyed in a different, lighter and solid shade. When born, this appearance is not easy to grasp as every one of the kittens is entirely white. The points, as the darker places are called, start becoming visible when they reach their second day, but sometimes it may take as many as 14 days.

Birman cat description

Birman cat is a longhaired breed with a bulky body and firm legs. They can be medium or heavy in weight and are always with light blue eyes. Their paws are always white and contrast well with the darker legs. The many colours of the Birman cat breed include: lilac point, cream point, blue cream, blue tabby and chocolate point. Many others are also available.

Birman cat personality

Easy to care for, although with a long hair and a need for regular brushing, Birman cats are often preferred to Persian because they shed less and are not as oblivious when it comes to cables and dangerous foods. Another side that makes Birman cats a better family pet than the lazy Persians is their playfulness. Yes, they are one of these breeds that can be fluffy and calm and play games at the same time. Healthier and more affectionate to the owner than other similar breeds, these felines are a great companion and do not only seek a servant.

The legend

These animals are related to a sacred legend that comes from the Asian country of Burma and related to it, they are the country’s sacred cats. It tells of how the points of this breed happened to be, creating a unique and powerful bond between gods, animals and the priests that represent the divine existences to the Earth. Although they were not known to the western world until rather recently, the cats have been a treasured animal in the region around Burma and were kept as very important beings and spirits of many local shrines.