Bombay cat


Are you looking for a playful, energetic classy and elegant cat that can bring you luck according to some cultures? If the answer to this question is ‘yes’ then you should definitely consider getting a Bombay cat for your home. This rather new breed is already a favourite of the young and a dream come true for some adults.

Bombay cat origin

The Bombay cat was first introduced when in 1976 the breed was acknowledged officially. The person who can proudly say that she’s the parent of these felines is Kentucky-born breeder Nikky Horner. She probably had no idea what incredible creature will be born when in 1953 she first decided to pair up a Burmese and an American shorthair.

In appearance, Bombay cats have a very strict description. They have a shorthaired, black coat and it should be very glossy if the cat is healthy. The eyes of these felines are orange – gold to copper in shade – and rounded. The body structure of the Bombay is solid, muscular and agile in every aspect. Bombay cats are a precious gem to own and can always bring energy and positivity in a stressful day.

Being very playful and wishing for constant attention – playing games or reading books around them can turn into a mission impossible for many. In order to tire them and make them feel calmer and crave less attention during the day, you can take your Bombay friend out on a leash and let it roam (almost) free around a pet park.