Common Health Problems In Cats


The following article is going to go over the most common types of diseases and health problems that usually occur in cats throughout their lives. We will also talk about what causes these problems and what you should do in order to address them accordingly.


If you have a cat chances are it vomits occasionally and this is normal, all cats do it sometimes. Vomiting can occur from eating something your cat’s body can’t digest or eating too quickly. I have also noticed that cats that eat dry kibble tend to vomit more often as well.

It is normal for a cat to vomit but only ounce every couple of days or once a week. Also pay attention to what is in your cats vomit. If it is just hair that’s fine, but if you notice blood or anything of that like you might have a serious problem on your hands.

You are going to want to see a vet as your cat might have an infection or diabetes.


Fleas or little black bugs are very common especially if your pet is an outdoor cat. If you cat is constantly biting its skin, licking, has irritated skin or hair loss it might have attracted fleas.

If your cat has fleas you will most likely be given a shampoo by your vet that you can use to help wash and brush the fleas out. You can also buy flea shampoo at most cat or pet stores.


Tapeworms are long worms that can live in your cat’s intestines. If your cat throws up or has been losing weight frequently it might have developed a tape worm. Worms can also been seen in the feces of your cat or around the anus.

Medication and pills can be given to a cat from the vet if it has developed a tape worm.


Your cat’s diet is very important towards its self. You can tell if your cat is malnourished if it has a dry flaky coat, diarrhea, or vomits frequently your cat might need a change of diet. Diarrhea can also been a sign of food allergies in your kitty.

Your kitty should be eating a diet that is rich in raw meats and protein, avoid the dry kibble at all costs. Wet canned food is good as long as it is of high quality.

If your cat looks sick or is acting out of the ordinary you might need to skip the self-diagnosis and go see a vet right away.