Create A Dream Laundry Room In 5 Steps



One genius blogger transformed a basic closet into a laundry room fit for a queen.​

Whether you love or loathe doing dirty laundry, we have a feeling this blogger’s renovated laundry room will inspire you.

Leslie from Paper Daisy Design shared steps on how she remodeled a boring closet into a busy mom’s clothes-folding paradise. With little money to spare, Leslie managed to make an organized laundry haven that just so happens to look like a million bucks.

Here’s the closet before the renovation:

Create A Dream Laundry Room In 5 Steps (before)

After listening to a motivational speaker suggest turning the process of doing laundry into a time to be thankful, this mom (who was never a fan of washing dirty clothes) took the message to heart to create a functional space for herself during this time of reflection. She didn’t add all of the bells and whistles you would see with more upscale laundry rooms—like chandeliers and elegant backsplashes—but she did create a gorgeous room that almost anyone can achieve.

Here are some smart design tips we picked up from Leslie’s simple laundry room makeover:



1. Start with a clean slate


Start with a clean slate

After demolishing the shelving from the prior closet, Leslie gave this small space a fresh coat of Sea Salt paint from Sherwin Williams to start her budget renovation off as a blank canvas. 

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