Dry Cleaning


Most people have some really nice clothes in their wardrobes. Often, this type of clothing requires special care such as specific washing instructions. Many of these items cannot be washed at home and are labeled as “dry cleaning only”. This expense, which requires a drive to the local dry cleaners, can be costly if you are not careful.


This type of cleaning service for your clothes can be very expensive. Normally, people are charged by the item. The cost for each item depends on many factors including material and type of garment. A shirt will run around a couple dollars in most businesses, but a suit may be closer to the ten dollar range. Not only are clothes cleaned in this manner; many comforters, curtains and other household necessities can be dry cleaned as well. Often, the cost for large bulky items like this can get pretty high.

Finding a Reputable Business

There are many local businesses of this type around town. The big difference between them is their prices. A good rule of thumb is to call around and price different cleaners in the area. Some may have special deals for bringing in a certain number of items such as “5 shirts for 5.95”. If you have a lot of dry cleaning pieces in your wardrobe, it will definitely benefit you to find these good deals. It will make a big difference in your monthly budget for sure.

Because these pieces were quite costly to buy, it is important to find a dry cleaning business with a good reputation. The Better Business Bureau is a good place to visit to find comments, complaints and other information about individual businesses in the community. By finding a location that has many pleased customers and few errors, you will increase the longevity of your clothing as well as feel comfortable when dropping off your favorite pieces.

Delivery Services

Depending upon where you live, there are some places that offer dry cleaning delivery to homes and offices. This service is generally available in larger areas with big populations. You can take advantage of this if you live in one of these areas. It will save you gas and time when doing your dry cleaning errands.

Many of us have spent a fortune on our wardrobes and our clothes are often essential for our careers. With this in mind, it is crucial to find a company to clean your clothes in an affordable, professional and timely manner. With a good dry cleaning company, you can stretch the life of your clothing for a much longer period of time, which will be a good thing for any tight budget trying to survive in this economy.