Life in a Dwarf House


Some people like it rough. This is valid for those of us who prefer living in houses that are tinier than the bedrooms of most others. The dwarf-house is a phenomenon that some of us consider a crazy after-effect of a mischievous fashion or a political propaganda. In fact, this is a way of living that has many benefits and is not necessarily a choice by fashion, but mostly by commodity.

Choosing the Right Dwarf House

If you’re planning on purchasing a tiny house for yourself you need to have some things settled before hand. Knowing these little details will make your choice easier and faster.

People can call a house of nearly a dwarf but the same is valid for places that are as small as a square metre. You need to know what’s going on when purchasing. Is this a really small place or just a commonly small one?

Dwarf house

Preparations need planning. Plan beforehand what are your needs and what your wishes are and think of what compromises you can accept and what is an absolute necessity. Most of the people who move into such a tiny home prefer commodity, low maintenance and a kitchen corner with a small bath included. Do you, however, know where you will store the food and if you have the possibility to change the interior of the house? Do you need more functions such as moving inner walls or changeable rooms? Also, think of making some small amendments to the requests – a dryer might take a lot of space. Why don’t you hang the clothes outside instead?

Dwarf house

True Benefits of the Dwarf House

 One of the best benefits of the so-called dwarf houses is the low maintenance. When there are fewer things in the house, there are fewer things that will get broken, ask for repairs and so on. In fact, people who live in such places have a much lower carbon footprint than the ones who live in an urban and new low-carbon using houses downtown.  The best thing coming with a small-scale house is that it is in fact movable! Real estate that can be moved is hard to come by and these small gems are just it. You will no longer need to accustom to a new home when you change jobs – home comes along with you.

Dwarf house

Dwarf house

Another great benefit of the small house is that it actually can be easily personalised. Turning a 100-square metre apartment into something own is a hard goal to achieve, let’s not even mention the houses that have 300 and more metres. Creating a persona for a dwarf house is, on the other hand, a very easy task.

Dwarf house

Negative Sides of the Dwarf House

Although very useful and easy to maintain, this tiny house has some negatives. The worst one of them is probably the fact that due to the limited space available inside, most of the home appliances and other needed items need to be personalised and customised. This brings a lot of additional and often unplanned expenses.

Dwarf house interior

Another key element that might turn into a negative side is planning on the structure itself. Although this is done before the house is built, thinking of everything alone is a possible nerve-wrecking problem. It’s always better to, no matter that it’s not a fully-fledged house, ask a professional designer and architect to do this job for you. It will, naturally, pile up on the expenses.