Five types of chairs for your outdoor backyard setting


When you look out over your patio you may find that something is missing. Without the right chairs your outdoor backyard setting remains incomplete. But thankfully you can rectify this when you invest in one of these top five types of chairs.

#1: The first is the Hanging Egg Chair

This is hanging wicker chair that is shaped like an egg. The construction allows the chair to rest on a curved stand as it envelopes you and your guests. The wicker finish can be ordered in floss white or black to match your decor. These chairs are one hundred percent weatherproof which means you do not have to worry about dragging them back inside when it rains. You can relax in style when you install the hanging egg chair on your patio and read or sip a beverage comfortably inside of an egg. It is a unique seating option which may not be suitable for a table seeing as the chairs are designed for relaxed lounging rather than sitting upright and eating. The wicker construction also allows for the rays of the morning sun to come streaming through which does pose a slight problem if ever it does rain.

#2: Strathwood Griffen All-Weather Wicker Chair

This chair is part of a unique wicker line of weather resistant furniture that you can use outdoors. This wicker chair is comfortable and stylish with a simple design that is quality tested to last for years. It is perfect to sit around a fire pit or around an outdoor coffee table. There are arms to the chair wherein you can rest your glass of wine or your book as you welcome another guest into your outdoor escape. The chair has woven resin wicker which is why it is weather resistant and yet the detail makes it look like real wicker. It is built around a powder coated frame constructed from aluminium which is what ensures it is stable and durable. It is great for a seating area but not necessarily for lounging and relaxation due to the fact that it does not recline.

#3: RST Outdoor Orbital Outdoor Lounger

This zero gravity patio chair maintains a European sleekness and focuses on a stylistic outdoor living space. It is designed like a lounge chair which folds outright but in lieu of two or three bars that sit across the ground on which it is placed there is an orbital frame that looks just like a planet in orbit. You rest right in the center of the orbit. The sling is constructed from finished steel and PVC fabric which is what gives it its strength. The colored material is weather proof and resistant to fading. It can hold up to two hundred and seventy five pounds. This outdoor chair offers users a great form of unique back support as the construction ensures it does not tilt backward. It remains exactly where it is even when you first get in the chair which helps to relieve any tension or discomfort associated with moving too far backward.

#4: Strathwood St. Thomas Cast-Aluminum Deep-Seating Arm Chair

This outdoor chair is quite lightweight and remains durable. It is perfect for an upscale outdoor living area and complements wooden furniture. There are different pieces that can be purchased within the same designer line which means you can mix and match based on the size and shape that you need for your outdoor living space. Whatever outdoor chair you purchase there are glides located underneath the legs of the chair to compensate for uneven surfaces which makes these chairs perfect for hillside backyards or anything on a slant. It is all weather resistant and easy to care for. The frame is rust free and the cushions can be wiped clean. This outdoor chair is perfect for casual elegant settings. The downside to this chair is that it does not recline in any way and is best suited for a table or casual dining area outdoors.

#5: Standard Mesh Zero Gravity Recliner

This outdoor chair was actually modelled after the zero gravity position used by astronauts in space and recognized first by NASA. Users sit in the position naturally assumed by anyone in zero-gravity. By leaning back into this recliner users can reduce the pressure on their spine while also relieving any tension in the muscles and improving circulation. The frame is constructed from durable aluminium and it can hold up to two hundred and fifty pounds. This chair is great for lounging especially if sitting upright encourages back pain for you. If you have any form of back pain this is one of the best chairs in which to lounge outside because of the health benefits that it can provide for users. It can fold up but it does not convert into an upright chair which means it is not suitable for relaxed dining or conversation with a group and only meant for individual relaxation.