Gift Ideas: Kitchen Appliances with a Twist


Birthdays, Christmas, house warming, just because… There are loads of occasions on which we are on the hunt for a gift for someone close to us or what can be even more difficult, someone close we don’t even know properly. But it doesn’t always have to be a gift voucher or flowers. Pick a topic that most people love: food. We all eat and many of us love celebrating preparing it.

Kitchen Craft Deluxe Apple Corer and Peeler

This little Kitchen Craft gadget makes coring and peeling easy super easy. And we have to admit, it is also a little bit fun. You might get your little ones to eat their five a day quite happily if you let them peel their own apples. The corer and peeler is also fantastic when you have to prepare a huge batch of apples or even potatoes for cooking and baking. Just clamp the fruit or vegetable in place and turn the handle.

Dualit 2 Slice Toaster

The world loves toast and especially we Brits can’t say no to warm, golden toast with melted butter accompanied by a cup of tea. Yes but ‘A boring toaster?’ you might think now but think again. Dualit is not your everyday toaster that gives up on you the moment you need it the most. It comes with a two year warranty and replaceable parts. In the unlikely case that your toaster will break, Dualist will repair it for you. The inner wire can be adjusted to grip your toast and a removable crumb tray takes away the frustration of turning the toaster upside down to clean it. We have all seen what mess that can create! And one great feature no toaster should be without: it keeps the toast warm for you until you need it.

Churchill Penzance Fine China Jug

Flowers and animals adorn this jug without making it look too playful. It keeps a classic grace and looks smashing in white and blue (not literally). The Fine China Jug does not only complement the breakfast table but can also be used as a farmhouse style vase. Versatile and elegant as it is you might want to start adding the rest of this crockery collection to the kitchen.

Navigate Summer House Country Collection Deluxe 4 Person Picnic Backpack

There is nothing like a picnic in the sunshine. A Picnic Backpack can make the whole venture even more enjoyable. It comes with essential cutlery and crockery for 4 people as well as a salt and pepper set and a bottle opener. Rather than having to awkwardly carry some plates or even worse get throw-away plastic ones, you can dine outside in style. The surprise will be perfect when all the food will be home-made too!