Good Home Fire Protection is a Necessity


There are several instances all over the world when a home experiences a massive fire. The homeowners are full of grief because they lose personal belongings, memories and the safest place ever they called their home.

Unfortunately, even though most fires are preventable, they still happen every single day. As part of the building codes, most states require specific elements in a home. In some states these are laws, but other states do not require these items by law. No matter which country or state you live in, there are two major aspects for good home fire prevention. Both of these items should be in every home to reduce the risk of a fire and to help ensure good home fire protection.

As part of the building codes, a good smoke detector is normally required in all homes. However, in some states and countries, they don’t require or enforce these laws. A smoke detector doesn’t have to be installed in every room in your home or apartment. They need to be installed in areas where a fire is most likely to happen. Because the kitchen is the main area in the home where a fire could start, smoke detectors should be installed close to this room. Some older homes have smoke detectors in the kitchen, but people find that these alarms go off too often because of cooking in the kitchen. Smoke is quite common when cooking in the kitchen, so it is better to place the detectors right outside the kitchen or in the next room.

There is not a specific number of smoke detectors that one should install, but a local fire department can make recommendations for any homeowner. In two-story homes, smoke detectors should be installed in the upper level as well. Since smoke detectors run on batteries, they need checking every month or so to make sure they are working properly.

Even though the smoke detector will work to detect smoke in the home, fire extinguishers are something every homeowner should have in their home as well. Some people believe that a fire extinguisher is a large and bulky piece of equipment like the ones seen oftentimes in buildings. However, there are several smaller versions out on the market designed to use in a home. Fire extinguishers for household use can range from one to three feet long. The smaller version is better for the home because it is easier to handle. One should be placed inside the kitchen for obvious reasons. You can put it in the cabinet under the sink or in the pantry area. At least one fire extinguisher should be placed upstairs in a closet for any problem that might happen upstairs.