Remodeling the Kitchen? Let’s Make it Work!


The kitchen is the best place to spend your day with family members and guests and it has been so for years. Ever after the living room was turned into either a game zone for the children or a bedroom for whoever decides to nap on the couch, the kitchen became the best social hub. Many people spend more time in conversation during lunch, breakfast or while preparing meals than at any other time of the day. This is also why the kitchen is one of the rooms at every home that gets the most remodeling courses per decade per family

Being the most diverse room of the house nowadays and the most used one as well; the kitchen does need these repairs and the change of stile from time to time

Some people think that having a smaller space or a shared one is such a great obstruction that there is almost no room for true changes. This is not correct! Even if you are restricted by one thing or another, there is also something that can be changed and fixed – something that can look better.

The appliances are without a doubt the easiest thing to change in the kitchen. They are easily movable and are available in any store from the local markets to the biggest techno chains. While there is a fashion when it comes to these kitchen items and it is definitely all about stainless steel from some years ago, it is also important to keep in mind energy efficiency. This factor will help both your wallet to stay fuller after bill-paying day and your carbon footprint to be lighter.

While built-in ovens, dishwashers and hot plates are preferred by the owners of small spaces, they are also very useful in big kitchens as well. Just think about how much more space you will have if these appliances are not spreading all over the room!

Another thing that is easy to change in the kitchen and that can really bring a change in the room is the counter space. This detail can put things into order, make cooking faster and easier and can also turn a boring space into a vivid experience if chosen correctly.

The best material for counters are marble, stainless steel and of course granite. They are, however, also the most expensive choices. If you’re on a budged, you might think of laminate. With most materials, though, there is a reason for their lower price and it is usually either stability or wearability. The best thing to do is to combine them and it is a practice that has entered interior design some years ago.

There are many ways to have a useless kitchen and most people find out that their biggest problem is storage room. Yes, this is probably one of the least important things for everyone when they choose a kitchen design, but at the end of the day, it becomes one of the key elements for their productivity.

Placing the right cabinet near the correct appliance is also crucial. Deep ones that can hold a lot of dishes should be placed near the dishwasher, preferably over or directly next to it. Vaster ones that can hold bigger pans and such should be near the over. Easy to open drawers without many shelves are usually used to store toasters, coffee machines and similar smaller appliances. They should be put around a counter, so that the easily taken out of the cupboard appliance can be put right underneath or atop the cupboard itself.

The roll-out pantry is also a new and ingenious invention which can store plates and pans in a very restricted area of about 45cm in width and 165cm in height. This pantry’s usual sizes, though, are not for every kitchen, so it s well-suggested that an old wardrobe or similar space that is outside the kitchen should be transformed as a pantry for less frequently used items.

Without having made a mistake once, people don’t know how to learn. That is if you don’t have a good tutor. Here is another free advice – think about lighting before you get your eyes gauged out by a badly positioned lamp or the lack of enough brightness while cooking. Preferable are halogen lights and the ones that can go under the counter. It is vital not to have things that can obstruct the free movement around the room.

The convenience of the sink is another key element for creating the perfect kitchen. This, however, is not one of the ignored parts of a good design. Everybody knows that a deep and large sink is the best no matter how much space you have. The faucet needs to be useful for both rinsing, washing dishes, pans but also fruits and food as a whole, filling up bottles etc.

After getting a new kitchen, it is hard to feel it personal and unique. This is why you should step in and turn it yours. Do this by buying new door knobs for the cupboards and drawers. There are many such in almost any store. Putting special towels and personalized silverware are also ways to turn the room feel closer in character to its owners.