Where To Start With Kitchen Remodeling


You want a new kitchen but aren’t sure where to start. The process can be as painful or as easy as you want to make it. The more jobs you hire out, the less time it will take and the less stress you will feel. Before you start breaking up the old cabinets or taking out walls, take a look around a showroom that specializes in kitchen remodeling. These companies make it their business to know the latest trends, carry every grade of product, and can help you with your design.

Picking Cabinets

The cabinets are the main feature of the kitchen. They are like the entertainment center in the living room or the bed in the master suite; they must be well done and command the coordination of the rest of the room. You build your kitchen around your cabinets. Do you like darker wood or lighter wood? Or, do you prefer a painted or glazed cabinet door? While in the showroom you’ll have the chance to get up close and personal with each of the finishes. Some people compromise and make an island out of glazed cabinets and their wall cabinets are done in a complementary stain. This can be a classy way to add color dimension to the room.

Cherry kitchen

Cherry kitchen

Picking Door Style

There are several different types of doors to choose from. There’s an arch-raised panel door. These doors have a square with an arch across the top. If you are more into the streamlined look, then you may like a slab door. These doors don’t have any design and are a flat piece of wood. A newer style on the market is a beaded door. These doors are made to look like they have been constructed with bead board and are great for a country feel. Of course, there’s the traditional square panel door that is as versatile and popular as ever. The door style should complement the design of your home as well as your personal tastes. Make it a place you want to be and make it work for you. If you like drawer pulls, then now is the time to pick them out so you can be sure they coordinate well with the door. Whatever style you chose, be sure and get an estimate on installation while you’re in the showroom.

Baltic Brown Kitchen

Baltic Brown Kitchen

Picking Countertops

There’s no substitute for a granite countertop. You just can’t beat the beauty that radiates when the sunlight hits the granite and lights up nature’s hints of majesty within the rock. You’ll find that granite comes in several tones and colors but no two slabs are exactly alike. A granite countertop will withstand the test of time. They never go out of style and you can place hot cookie sheets or pans on them without worry. They are strong so you have to be careful when setting down glass or fine dinner wear. Kitchen remodeling is easy when you have a good cabinet supply company on your side. Before you know it you’ll be inviting friends over for dinner to show off your new kitchen. And, you’ll enjoy cooking the meal because you now have a work space built entirely for you.

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