4 Tips for Renovating Your Kitchen the Right Way


Your kitchen is at the heart of your home. It’s where food that nourishes your family is cooked or prepared. It’s where your family can bond and spend quality time together. Whether you consider yourself a good cook or not, the design and atmosphere of your kitchen affects your entire family in many ways.

Here are 4 tips for how to redo your kitchen the right way:

1. Set a budget for your kitchen renovation.

This first step seems simple but it actually can be quite complicated. You need to decide how much you can spend, and then look at things at a bigger picture. A kitchen remodel can improve the value of your house. If you plan to sell it within a few years, then you might want to spend only what you think you can get back when the property is sold. If you plan to stay for more than five years, it makes sense to prioritize the comfort of your family.

Don’t forget to leave some room (ideally 20%) in your budget to pay for the unexpected. Once the project begins, keep track of expenses to avoid overspending. Here’s more on setting a realistic kitchen remodel budget.

Kitchen Renovation

2. Choose a color scheme for your new kitchen.

Pick colors you like to make your fresh design more meaningful. From your favorites, choose only two or three colors you like. Then put these colors to test by applying each of them to a flat canvas board. You can move the painted boards around your kitchen and check which expresses your personal style. If you need a bit more help in this area, here’s more about kitchen colors that stand the test of time.

Home magazines and websites are also filled with great kitchen makeover ideas. Read them and get inspired when selecting color palettes for your kitchen. Check for consistency of finish and wall thickness of at least half an inch.

3. Freshen up your kitchen cabinets.

Cabinets are a big investment if you’re planning to install new ones. But if your old cabinets are still in good condition, you only need to re stain or paint them fresh.

If you have the budget to pay for new cabinets, you have two options: custom cabinets or stock cabinets. Custom cabinets offer endless possibilities. They’re expensive, but you know that you can get exactly what you want.

Stock cabinets are ideal if you want to save money. You can use them without sacrificing quality. Be sure to install solid wood or plywood cabinets for better longevity.

Kitchen Renovation

4. Work with professional contractors.

A kitchen renovation isn’t a weekend project. Doing it yourself sounds like a good idea, that is, if you have a lot of time. It takes weeks, even months, to complete the job. It also requires a number of specialists, from cabinet installers to electricians. You may even have to hire the services of an architect and a kitchen designer.

Start with the project manager. He or she will make sure that the process is going on smoothly. The ideal project manager is good at organizing, budgeting and managing people. Even if you decide to take on some responsibilities, hiring a manager and other experts will save you valuable time. They can even save your project from failure. A kitchen designer or a general contractor, for instance, can refer you to valuable resources. Remember, they have years of experience and are likely to have the right connections.

Your kitchen needs you. It needs a caring homeowner who can transform a humble space into a great place for the family.