A Living Room to Die for


There is a reasonable explanation why the living room has such a useful name – it is not only the one place at the house where we experience most of our daily routines such as watching TV, playing video games, napping, drawing, reading and sometimes even eating, but it is also the one room of every house that can show just how much life is there in the occupants. By seeing what a family has in their living room it is easy to find a way into their hearts and also into their minds.

Piece of artwork

A lot of us decide to put a piece of artwork over our sofa or the couch in the living room. While this shows that we are somewhat old-school, it will also tell people that we have an affinity towards art. It is very important, however, to know how and where exactly to hung this picture, photo or painting.

piece of artwork in living room

Piece of artwork

The piece should be on a level with the eyes and should not be more than two-thirds of the sofa’s entire length. Attention should also be paid at the distance between the backrest of the sofa and the lower frame as a large difference will be just as unpleasant for the eye as would a very small one. The perfect height is about 30-45cm, depending on the size of the artwork. Hanging sconces also falls into this general group as doing it the right way would mean leaving about 160-175cm above ground level.

curtains and drapes

Curtains in living room


Another great accessory for a character-filled living room is everything that shields the occupants from the sunlight and the late artificial lights outside. It can be drapes, curtains or shades – they all tell us something about how classy or how modern, how agile and flexible or how stern the owner is. While some people can overlook the importance of these accessories, others know that a curtain should never be too short and should at least touch the floor in order to be the absolute finishing touch to a signature living room.

TV in living room

TV -most important part of the living room


Last but not least – TV. The television set is probably one of the most important and often used parts of the living room no matter who the owner is and where they live. It is crucial for those who love high class looks to have a broad HD TV, but one can show stupidity no matter how much money they have. A badly positioned 40’’ TV set can be very bad for the health of both eyes and neck of the viewers. This is why everyone should know to put the bottom line of the set at the level of their chests when sitting. The optimal distance for watching would be counted by multiplying the diagonal of the display by three.

Having a well organized and well accessorized living room can change the way people live but it can also change their social lives as a better topic for conversation is always a good thing to have.