For those of you who are familiar with the language of flowers and the mythological aspect of theirs, the Lotus is probably one of the most known and read about plants. With its existence, its beauty and how all of it comes literally from the most muddy parts of a simple pond, these thick-leafed plants are probably also the most easy to describe. Famous, popular and entwined with history, legends and religion – the Lotus flower’s beauty is like no other.

The Beauty of the Lotus Flower

Technically speaking, these plants grow directly from the muddiest, murkiest of waterbeds and stand tall, blossoming onto the surface and feeding both on the water all around them and the sun, shining brightly on their thick petals. The lotus flower is keeping a high temperature of nearly 90 degrees in order to ward off from cold-blooded attackers.


The species, like every water species, has a lot of varieties with main ones being Nelumbo lutea and Nelumbo nucifera; first one is native to North America while the second – to the Orient, North Australia, Egypt and the Caspian delta of the Volga river.  With such a difference in the regions of origin, the sizes, colours and uses of he lotuses vary as well. Some miniature species run a petal span of about 5cm-7.5cm and a height of 20cm-30.5cm; bigger species vary from 30.5cm diameter and towering up to 183cm above the water level. Giant variations reach above 2 metres and nearly a metre in diameter. This is a marvellous flower and a unique one when it comes to structure, life and needs. It is essential to have professional help when trying to plant a lotus in your water garden.

This most interesting plant is also unique in another way – the multiple cultures and beliefs that it incorporates. Even the most popular, almost officially presented meaning of its significance according to the language of flowers is polysemantic. Forgetful of the past and an estranged love at the same time, yet, if we look upon the many legends related to the lotus, we can find so many more different significations, that even a year won’t be enough for us to explain. In Japan, for example, this plant symbolises perfection, immortality, truth and the eternity of nature. In Indian beliefs, they symbolise the growth of a person through the muddy and dirt-filled waters of bureaucracy, politics and pain. In Egypt – it is regarded as the flower of the sun, the formation and revival of being. There are many meanings, but one and the same idea – being complete and whole.

Gifting a Lotus might not be a great idea as the flower itself is important as a meaning through its entire existence and not only the beauty. If you want to present a woman, friend or relative with something for its pureness and beauty alone, regardless of this – the lotus is a fine idea. As a whole, it is almost a spiritual experience to watch after such a pretty plant.