How to Create the Perfect Room for Your Child


Getting ready for a new family member? If it is not your husband or your wife’s ancient mother and you are in fact expecting a baby or moving to new house with your child, you will need to think of the best way to create a great childhood for this young or little boy or girl. Realistically speaking, although setting up a great and unforgettable room for any child is not achievable by many, but this is only because these people don’t know where to look for advice. This is why here we will expose some of the key features of a great child’s room!

First thing is first – think about planning

Making the best out of the space you’ve got is the first thing you should look into and try to achieve? Do you have enough room for everything your child needs? It is important to round out all the things that need to be fixed before the actual furniture arrives. There needs to be enough space for the wardrobe’s doors to open if they’re not sliding and for the drawers and shelves to move freely (shelves do need to be taken out to get cleaned sometimes, if they are not of the solid kind). There should also be enough room for the windows and the doors of the room to open and close without obstructing the free movement in the room.

Is the child very small or a student?

Think about its favourite activities and how you can incorporate them into the room. Having a playful young child can often be warning of a mess at home. Preparing for this with a nice corner in the child’s room where everything from small-scale water fights to drawing can solve a lot of probable issues and bring less chaos to the family’s everyday life. If the child is a reader and or gamer – try creating a nice zone where they can sit on a soft surface, depending on tastes can be a chair or a shaggy carpet as well, and do their quiet reading or playing a nice game on the console. Every teenager or a younger child needs a desk where they would either draw or doodle their ‘masterpieces’ or where the next big author of thrillers would be born while completing a school essay. Such play zones or study zones, leisure zones as well, need to be well separated from the main parts of the room which are generally the bedroom zone.

Kids room security


Child safety furnitures

Putting the correct furniture can be a very hard race with both an exhausted wallet but also with time. A teenage child can help a lot with choosing the best furniture for his or her room, but a small kid cannot do this. Instead, the parents need to think everything themselves – from how to combine a good bed with a good wardrobe and the needed dressers to how to make sure the child won’t fall off something too tall when it is playing with small toys or the family pet. With small children, it’s important to know that heavy, but short furniture is better just as it is to have soft flooring. This will prevent the kid from hitting itself too hard if or most correctly – when it falls off the furniture.

No matter the age of the child, however, there are some tips that can make your life easier when it comes to creating the perfect room for your child.

Limit the furniture

Choose a combined wardrobe which as dresser drawers included and don’t buy them separately. Use a desk with shelves so that you won’t need to buy them and put them on another place in the room. Choose a bed with drawers, so that the wardrobe won’t be used for items that are not your child’s. This way you save space but also let your kid know where is the place for everything.

Never set a zone without at least 3 items

A study zone needs a desk, shelves and a chair. A game zone needs toys, cushions and a small elevated surface for the eventual drinks and snacks. A sleeping zone needs a bed, a wardrobe and a place for hiding the clean sheets and warmer/colder ones in alternate seasons.

Let the child choose

Put down your parent’s ego and let the child choose which colour they want the room in and what kind of wood the furniture to be made of. If the child can eat by itself, then it has the right to choose at least these things.