Tips To Begin Re-tiling The Bathroom


Many homeowners will decide to tackle projects around the house. One of the most popular rooms to remodel is the bathroom. A common DIY project involves re-tiling the bathroom. Here is a closer look at things to consider.

Materials Needed

As with any project, there will be a few necessary materials that must be on hand. For example, a person will need masking tape, a hammer, chisel, thinset, a notched trowel, utility knife, drywall compound, paddle mixer attachment, and a drill. It is also necessary to have a level, spacers, wet saw, tile nippers and cutting bit, rubber grout float, and silicone grout that is water resistant.

Calculating Tile Needs

The most important part of this project will be calculating the correct amount of tile to complete the job. However, buying too much will be a waste of money. The key to estimating what is needed is to think about the size and shape of the tile that will be used. A bathroom will make the best use of square or rectangular shaped tile. It is also important to consider the number of tiles that will be used for the field and  trim.

Bathroom Sinks

The best way to estimate tile needs is to measure correctly. If the number is not an even foot, it is best to round up to the nearest whole foot. It is also wise to include the grout joint width as well. Even though the joint may seem to be very small, it will add up over the course of the room. Tiles that are pre mounted on paper will already include spacing, so this will not be an issue. In this case, the measurement should include the outer dimensions of the whole sheet. After final measurements have been made, it is smart to add an additional 10 percent. For obscurely shaped tiles, it will be smart to add 15 percent.

Vessel Sinks

The trim pieces will also need to be estimated. Trim pieces are measured in linear feet, not area. These items can be costly, so it is vital to take precise measurements. The length should be measured and 15 percent should be added.

Final Tips

Re-tiling a bathroom does not have to be complicated. In fact, it should only take approximately four or five days to complete. It may be more difficult to begin the process than to finish it. Ripping out old tile may seem scary, but the end result will be a beautiful bathroom. Measuring correctly will help to save money and increase confidence for the next project.