Today’s Lighting Trends


Refreshing your home’s look with new lighting fixtures is a great way to add style and value to your home. Lights are more than just a necessary component of a home; with the right designs and layout, you can turn a regular room into a palace, a playhouse, or a mountain lodge! A great lighting scheme will add ambiance and set the right mood for every space in your home. Exterior lighting is a small but significant detail when it comes to pulling together your home’s overall look. It’s also important for ensuring the safety and security of your home. But that doesn’t mean it has to be boring! The right choice of exterior lighting can change your house from drab to fab. In this post, we’ll highlight a few recent trends in interior and exterior lighting.


Both shiny and matte metals are in high demand. Brass is popular with consumers looking for a classic, traditional approach to lighting, while polished nickel and chrome add a sleek, modern touch to any lighting scheme. Matte metals are subtle while remaining sophisticated. Brushed nickel or steel and oil-rubbed bronze are two favorites of ours! You can prevent your home from looking too cold and futuristic with all that metal by adding different colors and textures to your dcor.

Contemporary Design

Avoid a tired, dated look within your lighting design by choosing pieces that are simple, elegant, and modern. Less is more! This style is a great first step in creating a modern (or even futuristic) look in your home. Another option is sculptural lighting, which takes a simple lamp and changes it into a piece of functional art. Options for contemporary lighting design range from minimalist (classic silver and white) to outrageous (think hand-blown glass in a rainbow of colors). Be warned, the sculptural lighting trend is not for timid decorators it’s bold, fresh, and definitely makes a statement.

Crystal Clear

Glass and crystal elements add a touch of glamour to lighting fixtures. Both traditional and contemporary styles can benefit from the addition of a little sparkle. Modern designs look luxurious when enhanced with glass; classic pieces are refreshed by the addition of some “bling.” Whether it’s a crystal chandelier or a clear lamp base, transparent lighting fixtures are a foolproof way to add style to your lighting scheme.

Cottage and Cabin

Traditional designs with rustic touches (wood elements, dark finishes) are very popular with homeowners. Cottage influence is seen in the popularity of lanterns and brass elements, while cabin design is evident in lighting fixtures with natural elements (leaf and branch motifs, antlers, or wood). Cottage and cabin design bring warmth and coziness to any room, and are surprisingly affordable for the average consumer.

What do you think? Have you previously implemented any of these design ideas into your own lighting scheme? Leave us a comment, sound off on recent lighting trends, and give us your ideas for interior and exterior lighting design.