Top 10 Grape Varieties in The World


[tps_header]Through years, wines became more and more popular all around the world. Production of grapes for must and wine has followed that trend. Interestingly, in the last 20 years, non-traditional grape and wine production countries, such as China and New Zealand have significantly increased their wine production due to an increase in their vineyard areas, and natural resources. On the other hand, traditional wine production countries (France, Spain and Italy) decreased their area of harvested vineyards; however they remain the world’s largest producers of wine. Popularity of wine, new area harvested (connected with different climate conditions) and new technology have increased the number of grape varieties. Grape and Wine Research and Development Corporation database record 1,271 different grape varieties. Traditionally, there were more white wine varieties grown in the world, but in last year’s, red wines dominate due to changes in wine consumption, especially in non-traditional wine countries such as China, where they prefer red wines. Top 10 grape varieties produced in the world are presented below; some of them more widely recognized than others.[/tps_header]

[tps_title]Cabernet Sauvignon[/tps_title]

Cabernet Sauvignon – a red grape variety that grows well in almost all climates except from northern regions. It has a full-bodied but firm taste, due to the high tannin content winemakers are often blend it with other varieties such as Merlot and also Syrah.

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