What to eat after a juice cleanse?


What to eat after a juice cleanse?

Before going further, you deserve to be given a pat on the back for the hard work, persistence, volition and all the positive vibes you emitted all the way through. Way to go, dieter!

Now that the hardest part is done, it’s high time you focused your attention on keeping the great outcomes you achieved during the juice cleanse diet!

Just think about it, would it all worth it if you give up now, especially after all the hardships you faced and dealt with whilst learning how to stick to the juice cleanse diet? No, it wouldn’t, right?

Keep pushing yourself since no great things were achieved by just sitting on your butt, right?

What to eat after a juice cleanse

Tips on how to keep the old habits at bay

Much like any other diet, the juice cleanse one also has an “expiration date”. In other words, once you have done it, you must teach yourself on how to keep the great results you have fought for in order not to throw it all out the window.

Just think of the whole dietary plan as a fortress you have already conquered – you have won the battle, but not the war, right? All you need to do now is to keep a watch over your “fortress” and you can win any forthcoming “battle”.

Take baby steps

Now that the hard, exhausting and energy-absorbing juice cleanse regimen is over, it’s time for you to go back to your old self. Yet there is another stumbling-block coming in the way, putting your volition to the test. Again. The question, however, is: will you give in this time around?

The key to keeping the newly-built healthy eating habits after the toxin removal you have granted your body with after finishing off the natural body cleanse is to start anew.

It’s absolutely clear that your body craves its old quite bad habits, but if you give in and slip back into these cravings, you are going to find yourself in the same old “food trap”. Again.

Take baby steps by building your healthy regimen on the basis of organic, 100 % natural foods, such as fresh and dried fruits, vegetables, raw nuts, organic meat, fish, whole wheat products, low- or non-fat dairy products, legumes, etc.

Keep it simple, keep it raw

Now that you are absolutely free to eat something more, say, fancy in a way, it doesn’t mean that you should dive into the immense world of junk food, right?

When food shopping, pick on the simplest foods on the shelf. Keep it simple by treating yourself with a handful of raw nuts instead of pigging on a chocolate bar regardless of all the great things on its label. Don’t let yourself be fooled by such pretty lies.

“Cook like no one’s watching”

 Focus on the healthy cooking methods

Keep in mind that each food can be turned into an ally and an enemy at any time. The cooking methods you stick to are essential elements when doing your best not to throw all it away.

For this goal, you won’t need either the microwave, or the frying pan.

Instead, you can always grill the meat, steam the veggies and serve it all with a huge bowl of green salad – it sounds so delicious and healthy, doesn’t it?