Why Taking Your Dog to a Vet Could Be a Mistake


Take your dog to a vet can and sometimes is a good idea but there are some things you need to know about doctors before you do. Vets are no different than doctors that treat health in people. By all means we need doctors, for the most part they save lives but at the same time they contribute to the causes of death.

Why Doctors Are Fundamentally Wrong

One could argue that doctors save lives and it’s true. However, one could also argue that doctors do the opposite. How it that a doctor can have a negative impact on health? Well, it all comes down to treatment.

Doctors are taught in school to treat conditions. If someone has a disease or health problem, give them this type of medicine. For the most part this is logical, medicine saves lives right? Yes and no. I mean medicine for diabetes doesn’t really save lives; in fact it doesn’t even fix the problem. All it does is treat the symptoms. A better more effective approach would be prevention. How about we prevent it, and reserve it instead of just treating it. This is the problem with modern health; prevention should be the focus not treatment.

Why Your Dog Could Be At Risk

I had to use human doctors so that I could get the point across but dogs are in the same boat as we are. My sister’s dog happened to get diagnosed with diabetes one day. The doctor said it was because of her breed, nothing we could do about it…After about an hour or so of doing research on the internet I discovered that dogs that are obese and eat an unhealthy diet get diabetes, just like people, and guess what? My sister’s dog ate a very unhealthy diet and was indeed obese. The doctor never told us this, she just gave us medication so that the dog could live a couple more months and then wither away and die.

It’s sad to know that this is the why the modern world see’s healthcare. If the dog ate a healthy diet it would have lived completely normally, in fact if we would have known this while the effects could still be reversed we could have had the chance to save it, but instead because we were given bad information our dog had to be put down.

Doctors are amazing but they are not always the best choice. Healthy nutritional is by all means the best way to optimal health and they will never teach that in med school.