The Woes of Working from Home


Recently more and more people are working from homes for several reasons. Nowadays work from home jobs are made available due mainly to globalization; it has opened a lot of job opportunities all over the world where there is internet access. Companies from other countries has set up backdoor offices to cut cost, target the most effective and accessible media, and provide the information hungry population all over the world.

The main benefit of working from home is that it is very convenient. No need to wake up very early to catch the train or the bus or get stuck in the traffic jam; you don’t have to spend on transportation and meal and you have more time on your hands to spend on hobbies, family and other things you that you fancy doing.

However it’s not all fun and free time; it is also very challenging. While you may not have a boss breathing on your neck all day to check on your progress there are hurdles and disadvantages you have to deal with and overcome.


The biggest and one of the most difficult obstacles to manage is distraction. And there isn’t just one distraction at home; there are household chores, cooking, kids (if you have any), people in your life that don’t understand the concept of working from home, and the internet itself.

You need to keep yourself in check at all times because it is so easy to lose focus and get caught up with these things. You need to follow a fixed schedule and a list of things you need to accomplish in order to focus. Even though you have no boss to check on you, you have the responsibility to do your task at a designated time frame.


Working from home is almost always working for companies that need remote workers that means people who can work at different time frame or odd hours when their regular office is sleeping. This means you have to work on hours when your family and friends are sleeping or at work. You also lose the opportunity to join the activities they have. This being the case you need to find time in your schedule to do an activity that will make you go out and walk; take a few minutes to exercise, squeeze in a coffee time or lunch with a friend, go to the grocery or shop and meet people. Don’t become a prisoner in your home just because you work there.

Less career advancement

Naturally working from your home means working alone; seldom will you find a job that is although remote, offers career advancement. Working remotely means you are invisible and management or supervisory positions are scarce and difficult. So in order for you not at to get stuck where you are now and become bored all too soon; learn new skills and things so you won’t have to do the same thing over and over. It is up to you to improve and make your career interesting.

In everything that you do as soon as it becomes monotony it becomes boring so be innovative, be creative and stay focused. Working from homes woes are inevitable but manageable.